Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Evergreens

Hey there!  I've been busy preparing for the holidays around my home.  Both of my trees are up and I'm hoping I don't find anymore boxes of decorations.  A few years ago I started hosting Christmas brunch at my home and with that I started collecting items to style the table.  Although the table is decorated, I also like to add some special touches to the chairs too.  I've seen the chairs of brides and grooms all gussied up for weddings, but why not for other occasions like the holidays too?  I gathered three types of evergreens, from my yard, my in-laws' yard and a friend's yard to create this mini swag.  Beware - if you become my friend, chances are I'll be heading to your house with my pair of clippers in hand.  Don't let your table have all the fun.  Pay attention to your chairs too and try this at your home.

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