Monday, October 28, 2013

Flowers for a Teacher

Last week was a tragic week for educators here in the states when two teachers sadly lost their lives at school.  These events have especially saddened and frightened me because I am married to a teacher and am friends with many teachers.  I know the dedication that many teachers, counselors and administrators have to their students.  I know that teachers not only teach, but protect your children when you leave them in their care five days a week.  I know that teachers sometimes go home and worry about the well being of their students.  I know that teachers perform acts of kindness throughout the year for students, but are never thanked. 

Before the beginning of last week, my husband asked me to make a couple of arrangements for a counselor and a teacher at his school.  The staff at my husband's school doesn't have "secret Santa" during the holidays, but instead they do something similar in October and "boo" or surprise a fellow colleague with a special little gift.  These are the arrangements I created and this is how I was able to thank a couple of educators for all that they do.  Now, it's your turn!  Take some time and thank an educator.  You could donate your time and volunteer in the classroom or buy a teacher lunch - the simplest gesture can mean so much.  Don't forget the school's counselors, secretaries, principals, etc. too.  Often these key people in the school are overlooked because they don't have a classroom of children, but remember they too help to make your school a success and play roles in the success students.  Get out there and do something kind for a teacher and have an amazing week my friends!  I'll see you next week with some more pretty blooms!  

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